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Life line


“When I was young, I felt as though I wasn’t a part of this secret world everyone else seemed to move so effortlessly through. It was art that brought be through the confusion. If others wrote stories and melodies that were so aligned with what I felt then just maybe, I wasn’t alone.


I hope to encourage people of all kinds to take up space. May we feel both uniqueness and inclusion”



“With a career spanning 10 countries worldwide and at least 25 states across the U.S., Krystal Renée is an artist whose high-energy performances have been mesmerizing audiences for over a decade. Seven years ago, she joined Off-Broadway’s “STOMP”, an internationally acclaimed theatre performance using rhythms, acrobatics, percussion on metal trash cans, and pantomime. Since then, she has continued touring as a multidisciplinary artist. The moment she puts down those metal bins, Renée’s focus returns to her most sacred, tireless work - cementing her place as a Singer/Songwriter in the Rock music scene.

Born of Guyanese and Nigerian descent, this native New Yorker challenges the Alt-Rock sector to take on a uniquely distinct sound rarely heard in the genre today. With an unapologetic vibrato, deeply soulful timbre, and effortless whistle register, Renée’s voice will intrigue you while her lyrics tell stories of adversities her smile may never reveal. The undeniable passion and tenacity her fans compliment derive at least partially from the difficult challenges she has overcome. Extensive spinal surgery, battles with Endometriosis, and a brain tumor diagnosis have not hindered her ability to perform at ultimate capacity. Rather, these “gifts” (as she calls them), have only strengthened her resilience.

Inspired heavily by the grungy tones of the early 2000s period, Renée cites influences such as Evanescence, Seether, P!nk, Tool, and Paramore. As front-woman of her self-started band, she started recording under the evolved name ‘WhoisKrystal’, and when the band split amicably in 2019, began branching out to work independently with the heavy-hitting producer, Clif Magness. 

In early 2021, Krystal Renée released her newest project “The Cave”, a platform consisting of a community chatroom and a blog-styled forum where fans can engage and discuss similar battles they’ve faced. As a self-represented artist, Renée has built her career - constructing and designing every aspect of her website, quirky hairstyles, and this very bio :). Her eager desire for 2023 is to build a complimentary team including industry professionals that aim to push a similar vision forward.”




"I find great purpose in creating work around deeply internal discoveries, difficulties, unflattering moments, and the beautiful turmoil that exists as we attempt to transform feelings of pain to catharsis. In every new moment, we have the chance to decide who we are. At any second, we can make a decision that could change our lives forever. That thought is incredibly freeing and exciting to me. It gives me hope, and this is what I want my audiences to feel."

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