Currently spending more time than I want to admit - putting this website together - in hopes it will appear as if a qualified website developer was involved in the process. I can assure you, one was not.


Right now? I am sitting in a hotel room that's slightly too warm. Some would turn down the thermostat, but as a direct descendant to Guyanese and Nigerian parents, I may have a slight case of frigophobia. Way to go, Krystal. Blame your ancestry for this madness. You'd think this were my first winter, but I'm actually a New York native. It's 1:02 am in Lille, France and I've got a show tonight. I'm currently touring internationally with Broadway's "STOMP", finding open mics to sing in as we travel.


I've got an irrational, yet innate fear o

I am a thinker, mover, singer, songwriter, a performer. I play guitar. I like the idea of minimalism. 


I hope the answer to the question that is my stage name, changes every. single. day. ...But how could one possibly hold onto a consistent brand with such commitment to evolution? I don't know, but if we can find a way to 

I've done press events for: list the companies, a Netflix episode, and have worked the NY, Us Tour, and International stages with my cpmpany, stomp. as i write this, I'm on the European tour. Bonjour! 


The tricky thing about writing this section is finding the balance between reassuring you of my "just-like-you" humanity while trying to convince you that I'm the world's greatest superhero. 


Let's start with the "humanity" section: From an early age, Ibecame acquainted with) diversity - from Catholic schooling (learned flawless pendmanship)  to Afro-Centric schooling (5 different langage classes, to My educational background is rather diverse. I attended Catholic school as a child (dope ass pendmanship), 


Onto the superhero section: While I haven't got any comic-bpok styled powers, I've had some close calls in life. After overcoming an intensive spinal surgery where I lost enough blood to panic surgeons, I later moved on to performing with possibly one of the most hard-hitting shows, STOMP. I started off on New York stages, and soon made my way to the US tour, along with International tours. Before then, I performed on various stages as singer songwriter. Did COLLEGES

THEN NETFLIX THEN PRESS made it through some tough spaces - such as several close calls during an intensive spinal surgery, and  I find Ive escaped death a few times in my life - scoliosis, etc. I'm ready to be personal. Because my music is [ersonal.

showcasing one's humility, while sounding humble offstage, cocky onstage.

Onto what most people came into this section to read: I graduated from LaGuardia (the "Fame" School) H.S. and subsequently trained at California Institute of the Arts. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from SUNY Purchase, and in the interim, studied vocally at Florence University of the Arts (Italy). I've worked in recording studios, I've waitressed, 


 hope the answer to this question changes every day... But how does one settle into a brand, while evolving? New York native with a voice comprised of my Guyanese, Nigerian, Catholic School, Afro-Centric school, "urban" school, and artsy school trainings. 

showing evidence of my


Tell me a little about your upbringing:

"I was born in Brooklyn.  Most of my upbringing was in Queens, but from the time I was young, I've traveled quite a bit for schooling.  I'm somewhat of a melting pot- possibly from this upbringing.  My schools were all very diverse - from Catholic, to Afro-centric (where we uniformly wore traditional cloths of the culture and I became more exposed to African music and dance), to urban, to LaGuardia High School (a prestigious performing arts school), to the laid back California conservatory that is CalArts, to SUNY Purchase, to Florence University of the Arts in Italy, and back to NY..."


What sounds inspire you?

"I find that my sound parallels some of my upbringing.  The music I love encompasses a fusion of different cultures and/or sounds.  I love lyrical depth.  I'm sort of addicted to it... At it's core, I'm inspired majorly by the overall idea of love. For me, that's the only thing I could find that would explain, and help me to cope with, all of the mysteries of life and death. My genre is Rock/Indie. I've been told my voice has a soulful texture to it."

Who were some of your influences?

"Growing up, I listened to a lot of Evanescence, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Fefe Dobson, Stacie Orrico, Linkin Park, Seether, and some of the dance/hip hop artists of the time.  As I began to mature musically, I also listened with more depth to artists such as Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Sarah Vaughan, and Anita Baker.  I studied Italian opera music, and as I became more exposed to it, found a great appreciation for the rythms and tonalities in arabic music as well."

Tell us something we don't already know:

"I've faced some physical battles which have greatly inspired my process.  I've played piano, some clarinet, and am self-taught on both acoustic and electric guitar.  I also studied acting throughout high school and my first year of college.  I am interested in characters... I like to connect to people.  I like to understand and aim to be understood." 


What motivates you?

"My surroundings... A sincere love for humankind... The desire to feel , and help others to feel, both uniqueness and inclusion"

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